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Business law refers generally to the large body of law, including statutes and regulations, that governs business practices in Oregon and Washington and the country as a whole as well as international business transactions. Business law includes statutes that deal with forms of business entities such as corporations and partnerships, sales of goods, securities, shareholder rights, intellectual property rights, relationships among business owners, taxation, and duties of directors and officers of corporations, both as to shareholders and among themselves.

Business law issues tend to divide into transactional business law and business litigation (trial practice). My business law practice focuses on litigation. Business litigation cases in my office have involved a variety of issues. For example, I have handled cases involving close corporation disputes, sales agreements, property ownership, computer law, and copyright issues.

I approach business litigation with sensitivity to the "big picture" of my clients' lives and financial interests. I appreciate that no business dispute exists in a vacuum. If I can resolve disputes expeditiously without court action, I do so, but, when appropriate, I am ready to fight for my clients' interests in court.


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