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Labor Law is the area of law that governs the relations between employers and labor unions. Under American law, employees have the right to organize into unions to bargain collectively with employers. Through collective bargaining, unions and employers agree on terms of employment applicable to a particular segment of the work force. A "collective bargaining agreement" - the labor contract - sets out the agreed-upon terms.

Collective bargaining agreements differ from one work force to another, but they typically include provisions governing pay rates and benefits, employment conditions, circumstances under which an employer can discharge an employee, and resolution of disputes. The basic mechanism to resolve labor disputes is grievance and arbitration.

A federal law, the National Labor Relations Act, governs most private employment in the context of organized labor. The Oregon Employment Relations Act covers certain small private employers as well as public employers, that is, the State of Oregon, counties, cities, and other units of government. The Oregon Public Employees Collective Bargaining Act (PECBA) also governs public employees in Oregon.

I have represented both private and public labor unions for many years. I have handled court cases, arbitrations, and hearings before the National Labor Relations Board and the Oregon Employment Relations Board. I also have aided unions in the negotiation of collective bargaining agreements. Although I am ready to fight for the rights of unions and their members, I aim to practice preventive law: Through well-informed advice, I try to solve problems before they reach the adversary stage.


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